First of all, the site is needed to attract new users. Posts on reddit and github are quite difficult to find in search engines.

Secondly, new releases will be posted on the site and maybe I will be able to make an auto-update function. It is difficult to implement auto-update now because it requires a signature. To get a signature, you usually need to publish the application. And for this you need to comply with a bunch of requirements. This is another complex challenge. 

I added a new goal to the page to motivate people to subscribe. Your support will then allow me to rent hosting for the site and take care of the site.

Goal text:

I will start developing a website with a personal account for each subscriber. The site will contain news about upcoming releases, app previews and other information about the app. People with Lifetime access and subscribers can download new releases from the site. Website development will not take much time, but I need money for hosting and domain registration.

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