I have added new subscription levels for those who want to support the development of the application. For this support, you will receive merchandise and lifetime access!

So far, the design of the merch contains a logo and a background (picture above). As soon as there are subscribers for these levels or the number of subscribers is more than 50, I will deal with the design in more detail. Most likely I will join one of the levels myself, because I really want to have things with the symbols of my own application. 

Do not think that I have thrown all my strength into this. I am currently working on a global function that requires all application logic to change. But I think you will be happy with the result.

Here’s what you get in return by signing up for new support levels:

  • You will get monthly access to the application.
  • After 3 months of membership, you will have lifetime access to the app.
  • Every 3 months of membership, you will receive branded items.

Guys with the “advanced user” level – I plan to remove this level. Could you choose another level? You can enter the amount manually when choosing a level. You can join the “User” level and set the amount you deem necessary.

Thanks to everyone who supports the development of the application. Without you, I probably would have abandoned development.

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