I’ve already started working on adding pictures. This is a serious step in the development of the application, so I have to think through everything in advance. I was worried that the JSON format in which application data is stored is not suitable for large amounts of data. But it seems I was in vain worried!

I gradually grew the database up to the maximum when the application had already stopped working. Here are the maximum values at which the application is still running:

  • number of videos: about 500,000 (535,589)
  • size of all videos: about 768 TB
  • JSON file size: about 250 MB (243)

These numbers are necessary in order to understand: whether it will be possible to assign metadata for pictures separately, as it now works for videos. If everything was bad with numbers, then I would have to abandon this function for pictures.

In general, the conclusion is this: I’m starting to work on supporting other media file formats (pictures, text files, etc.) and on assigning metadata both to individual files and to a folder, so that all files in the folder inherit this metadata.

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