I am glad to share the news with you.

The new features won’t be huge, but they will be very useful to you.

– auto-update of videos, performers, tags and websites after editing. now you do not need to go to another page for the information to be updated. also now the pictures are updated after cropping *

– now you can filter by missing value. for example, you might find videos to which performers are not assigned.

– quickly add tags, performers and websites in the edit dialog. now you don’t need to close the dialog, go to another page, then add a new item, etc.

– slightly changed the cropping of the picture. now a second later the picture is updated directly in the edited dialog and you can immediately delete it without having to reopen the dialog.

– I already wrote about the logs earlier. very useful thing.

* Anticipating questions, I explain that updating information from the video (the number of videos for each performance, tag and website, tags from the video for performers, etc.) is still configurable in the settings. since it takes a long time. It seems to me that video tags for a performer are pretty useless. But they are needed to calculate the meter. Although the meter is also not as useful as I thought.

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