Adult Video Database

It is an application for easy navigation, organization and management of your large video library.
 Which combines a simple look, convenience and a wide range of functions.
Open source. Works on Windows, Mac and Linux.
Doesn’t track you or send your personal data!


Play Video

Application features

  • Material design with a dark theme, customizable colors, fonts and cards 
  • Video player with the time markers
  • Tabs system: pages and some cards can open in new tabs, the contents of which are independent and remain after the application is closed.
  • Parsing metadata from videos
  • Custom meta: create your own metadata like rating, text, date, array, etc.
  • Deep filter system with the ability to save and load
  • Watching folders for new and lost videos
  • Works with a huge number of videos over 20,000
  • File operations: move, delete, edit file path, open folder with video
  • Replacing the path in multiple videos in case they have been moved
  • Password protection
  • Preview video and card label on hover
  • Playlists support with dynamic playlist based on saved filters

Features of Videos

  • Adding meta information: performers, tags, websites, rating, favorite, bookmark text
  • Filtering and Sorting by performers, tags, websites, filesize, quality, folder, path etc.
  • Play video in app or in the system player selected by default
  • Scanning for videos in multiple folders
  • Video preview on hover and image grid 3×3
  • Detailed video information: filesize, duration, dimension, quality, filename, extension, date added, date edited
  • Replacing thumb for a video from built-in player
  • Add markers to the video: tag, performer, favorite, bookmark
  • Change paths of the videos

Metadata for videos


  • Adding tags, rating, favorite, bookmark
  • Detailed profile: aliases, category, career, age, country and many other parameters
  • Add custom parameter, edit default parameters in settings
  • Autosearch for information on the Internet and import data (Freeones, IAFD for now. more in the future)
  • Sorting and filtering by all profile parameters
  • Ability to set 4 images for each (main, alternate, 2 custom), avatar, header image on the performer page
  • Beautiful performer page with descriptive profile information. Filtration of videos with a performer by tags from the video.
  • Adding several at a time
  • Profile completion progress
  • A meter that is determined by the values of tags from the video


  • Adding alternate names (for easy search), color, value (for a meter), favorite, bookmark, category
  • Sorting and filtering
  • Adding several at a time
  • Tag image


  • Subnetting websites
  • Adding color, favorite, bookmark, URL
  • Sorting and filtering
  • Adding several at a time
  • Website image