I continue to migrate the database from lowDB to SQLite. Along with this, I am moving the application to the server. SQLite is a more professional database.

What does this all mean for users?

In short, the next version of the application will not be released soon, but it will have a large number of changes.

I decided to change the stages of development. First, a self-hosted version of the application will be made. Then support for pictures and other files will be added. And the error of unsupported video formats will be fixed.

I had to do this because the current DB does not work well with a huge number of files. The new version of the database will allow storing more data about files, such as bit rate, codec, frames per second and any other that users need. 

Write what information about the video you would like to see?

The filtration system will also be improved. You can create almost any kind of request. I will also add support for text queries for those who know the SQL language. It is a fairly simple language and, if desired, ordinary users can write queries. But of course I will make sure that the filtering is as convenient and simple as possible for ordinary users.

With the current version of the database, I’m limited to only having one connection to it. This limited me in making video editing possible from the player window.

I have huge plans to improve the application, I would like to share all this with you, but I am afraid that I will not be able to add all this, and development may also drag on for years to come (considering how little I have done this year).

I also want to add a universal quick search for all subjects in the database. So that you don’t have to navigate between pages. This is another bonus that will open with the transition to a new database.

I will share with you the intermediate results of the work. I will release test versions when possible. So far I have managed to partially migrate all the videos and am trying to display them on the page.

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