I want to share my news and thoughts with you.

First, some good news: The app has been added to the Microsoft store.


The Microsoft version does not have a parsing function for performers from adult sites.  If you buy the application from the store, then I can send you a free key for the version from the official website of the application, which has all the functions.

Also, unfortunately, it will never be added to the Apple store. Apple didn’t even accept my developer profile. It has been about a month since the filing date.

Despite all of the above, I will come back to signing the application later.  Now I want to focus on developing features.

Some technical details: Although I previously wrote that the database in JSON files can support a huge amount of videos, I want to transfer it to SQLite.  With this solution, I will be sure that users will not experience a performance loss with a huge number of database records.  It is also needed to add each image to the database, and not in folders or archives as I wanted to do earlier.

Since I want to switch to the SQLite database, I began to consider a way to support two versions of the application at the same time: for desktops and for servers (self-hosted).  It turned out that for this I did not have to spend a lot of effort.  But first, I need to transfer the entire application to the self-hosted version and then connect the desktop version to it.  And it will take quite a long time. In addition, I want to add support for images and other file formats in parallel.

Thanks to everyone who uses the application and supports it.

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