Recently, I have been mainly working on adding the application to the Microsoft store and, apparently, work there for another week. Because I will have to isolate some of the features into separate free plugins. For legal reasons.
I will try to make their use as convenient as possible. Most likely it will be something like download the archive, drop it into a folder, then press the button in the application. And that’s all. Plugin code will also be available on GitHub.

I also slightly embellished the home page and downloads page.

So far, I have suspended work on adding pictures. First, I’ll add support for movies. It turned out to be easier than I thought, and this is because I made a system for adding metadata.

In other words, movies are the same meta data that you can add to any video file (and in the future to any other media files, be it a picture or text). This will allow you to create a movie library to which you can add bonus content, cut scenes, etc.
I think it will be easier to use than in words.

Most likely the next release will be released in November.

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