By meta, I mean tags, performers, and websites.

This will work if your videos are in folders that have the name of your future Meta.

An example of how it might look if your folders have a Performer/Website structure.

Step 1

copy ALL folder names. For this I use Total Commander. First select all folders, then choose the menu “Mark” – “Copy selected names to clipboard”.  You will have a list of folders, where each name starts on a new line. 

Aaliyah Hadid

Abella Danger

Ada Sanchez

This is important because when added, each line will be added as a separate Meta. Don’t worry about the slash “”. It will be automatically omitted when added.

Step 2

Open the performers page. At the top of the toolbar, click the “Add New Performer” button.

Paste the text from the clipboard into the text box. Click on “Add” button.

Step 3

I deceived you. It’s all. 

To add information about each performer, you can use autosearch. But you will have to add pictures manually.

Similarly, you can add tags and websites.

Thanks for reading.

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