This whole month I have been working on a new feature – a meta for cards. Therefore, the previous update came out so insignificant. Meta – In the context of an application, this is all the information that can be added to a video. You can create cards yourself and customize their appearance. And also add meta to these cards. This may sound confusing, but it will look clearer in the application. Metas relate to the operation of the entire application, so there is a lot to rethink and improve.

Here are examples of how this will improve the application for you:

  • you will be able to add gender for performers. you can also rename them as you like – actors, women, men, etc.
  • you will be able to remove unused fields from performers – such as hair, ethnicity, and any others.
  • you can create cards for the array data type. for example there is a body field. you can make a card for each body type, providing it with an image for clarity.

And this is only a small part of the advantages.

The meta implementation turned out to be more difficult than I expected, and will probably take several more weeks. but I can say for sure that half of the work has already been done.

I also added a cool feature that I have been asked about for a long time – video preview on hover. I don’t know why I didn’t add it right away. This works great and the images are generated faster than the 3×3 grid (about 2 seconds for each video). And this is done on the fly without refreshing the page.

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