If you are migrating from version 0.8.2, be sure to make and export a backup of your database.
If you are migrating from version 0.8.1 and older then please install all versions sequentially from older to newer and be sure to migrate within the application.

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New meta system:

A small part of features are not yet available. See the end of the list to find out which ones.

Meta is data that you can add to videos and other meta cards.
There are two types of meta: complex and simple.
Complex meta have their own page. Which have meta cards. All this can be flexibly configured to suit your needs.
Simple meta has neither page nor cards. But you can also customize them. For now, you can add: string, number, array, boolean, and date.

New features with meta:

  • Editing multiple cards.
  • Customizing visiblity of all meta in card.
  • Any color for meta card.
  • Different types of visual for chips.
  • Markers in built-in player with any of complex meta.
  • Parsing data for videos by any of complex meta.
  • Custom name. icon, hint for textfield.
  • Transfering simple meta with type “array” to complex meta.
  • Show/hide in navigation menu.
  • Nested view (not completed yet).

Major changes


  • Timelines – new type of preview for videos.
  • Editing multiple meta cards (for performers, tags, websites and all other complex meta).
  • Panels to conveniently close or save a dialog box.
  • Condition “not empty” for filters.
  • Data scrapper values validation: If the found value is not in the database, then it will be added.
  • Different colors for video definition on card.
  • Search by text is now available for bookmarks (via filter).
  • Filter videos by meta from context menu.
  • Clear generated images in settings (for grids, timelines, markers).
  • List of running background processes in status bar.
  • Color picker for header gradient.


  • Context menu appearing.
  • Selection license key for copy in clipboard.
  • Initializes the colors of the header gradient when editing.


  • System bar for Linux and Mac.
  • Dialogue title design.
  • Editing multiple videos with options replace or add new items.
  • When parsing videos from context menu new meta will add to old ones.
  • Backups management. Only existing archives are visible in the list of backups. A compatibility version is added to the backups.
  • Option “Update data from videos” now only updates number of videos for meta cards.


  • Type of tags (performer or video).
  • Navigation menu in system bar.
  • List of tags from videos and list of websites on performer card.
  • List of tags and list of performers on website card.

Minor changes


  • Borders for tabs (option).
  • Color scroll (option).
  • Red icon “play” if file doesn’t exist.
  • Text if page is empty.
  • Zoom change by 1% in settings.


  • Title colors for editing video dialog.
  • Unlocked filters for favorite and search field in appbar.
  • Size of bookmark icon.
  • Style of card color.
  • Easily readable file size and duration values for filters. Visible as a hint below the field.
  • Default colors.
  • Forbidden image if file with card image not exists.


  • Old settings in JSON file.
  • Directories “img”, “temp”, “previews” in “userfiles” directory.

Temporarily unavailable

Will be available in the next release:

  • The website page as it used to be. But you can also open the website page and see all the videos associated with it. Now it looks the same as the performer page did before.
  • Tag meter for performers. Needs rethinking.
  • Child websites. There will be a complete system of child and parent websites with an infinite number of levels.
  • Opening URL links of the website.
  • Copy name of card to clipboard from context menu.
  • Managing data for videos from context menu (copy/paste tags, performers, websites).
  • Sort list with items in editing dialog.
  • Disable chip colors for cards.
  • Compact view of cards.
  • Home page statistics.

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