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  • New type of simple meta: Rating #87
  • Sorting list of meta cards in editing dialogs. To open a dialog with settings, click on the arrow on the right inside the text field.
  • Remove from arrays for multiple editing.
  • The ability to open meta with a string type in the browser (useful for specifying social networks or the official website).
  • A bar with the progress of filling in information in the meta card editing dialog.


  • Remove assigned meta from videos.
  • Lost Videos Tab Limited to 12 Items #107
  • Better color picker #97
  • Sorting when meta value is undefined.
  • Start generating images for video if filters have changed.
  • Save state of items per page for meta.
  • Export backup.
  • When you click “Move File…” the default folder will be the one in which this file is located, if this file exists.

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