Download from official site:

The application is renamed to MediaChips.

How to transfer data from AVDB to mediachips:

  • 1. Make a backup in the AVDB application.
  • 2. Export it. Close the AVDB application.
  • 3. Open the MediaChips app, import the backup.
  • 4. Recover from the backup.

Since you cannot rename a community on reddit, I created a new one, welcome:

Further versions of the AVDB application will be published on the new website.

On the site you can buy a key with a lifetime license to register the application. 

Also, now the application will have Documentation, where there will be help for working with the application, guides, etc.


  • Actions by clicking on chips (filter, go to the page). Also an additional action by pressing the middle mouse button.
  • Filtering by clicking on the country flag, which is displayed on meta cards.
  • Refresh file information (size, resolution, duration) from the context menu.
  • Option to hide meta with blank values on cards.


  • Date the meta cards were created.
  • Multiple professions in scraper information.


  • The names of the professions when collecting information from

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