Since the meter has been removed from version 0.9.0 and newer, this survey is addressed to older users.

Previously, the meter was generated automatically every time the page was opened. The generation process itself was simple, but to calculate the number of meters, the tags were used that were assigned to the video, to which the performer was also assigned. And collecting all the tags from the video was slow, even for one performer. Therefore, the collection of tags did not take place when the page was opened, but in advance, when all information about the video was updated (there is a special setting – to update data from the video). 

Therefore, I want to give up the meter. 

I’ve added a new type of meta: rating. You can add rating to performers and customize it as you like: select icons, maximum value, half value, color. Rating can completely replace the meter, and besides, you will be able to sort or filter performers by rating. I’ve already done this on my application. The only drawback is that you have to do it manually. But for the meter, you also had to set values

for each tag manually and the meter would not work correctly without a modifier. Here are the main reasons why I decided to abandon the meter:

1) the principle of its operation is difficult to understand and I do not know how to make it easier.

2) for it to work, you need to set a value for each tag.

3) it is only relevant when the data from the video is updated.

4) it is impossible to sort by its value, because it is generated every time anew and its value is not saved anywhere.

5) confusion arises with the names in the new meta system.

6) the meter needs a multiplier that adjusts the value.

I understand that the things that the application does automatically based on user data are useful. but in the case of the meter, there are a lot of inconveniences. and in the future I plan to add interesting features that will visually show user information. 

Perhaps before you vote, you should try a new type of meta: rating. 

Thanks for attention!

UPD: a picture showing the meter to remind you what it looked like. this green-red gradient strip is the meter.

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