After talking with users, I decided to fill the home page with content.

I am delighted with the new graph that displays the number of videos added and edited! This motivates me to use the application. You can play with the graph by choosing a time period and you can also export it as a picture. I do not know what it is for, but it may come in handy for someone.

I also returned the display of the most viewed meta cards (this was before version 0.9.0). You can go directly to the meta card page or open it in a new tab by clicking on the middle mouse button.

For convenience, I’ve added a clipboard for video editing. This was older than 0.8.3, but now it works with the new meta system. You can edit the video without opening a dialog. You can copy, replace, add or clear the meta from the video. As a bonus when copying to clipboard, you also copy text, which can be pasted anywhere else.

I also added a queue change for the meta in the bottom bar, as it was done for the side bar.

A new version with these and some other small changes will be released soon.

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